Amarga's Weeping

Amarga's Weeping El llanto de la Amarga or Amarga's Weeping is a heretofore unpublished epic poem in three acts, written by the late María de los Ángeles Argote Molina (MAAM). Hailed by some critics as her magnum opus, Amarga's Weeping relates the adventures of protagonists Agreste and Crisálida across the worlds, and offers a timely and original take on poetry, mythology, cosmology, cosmogony, and philosophy. The epic, immense in its depth and scope, revolves around a simple yet potently taboo premise: the imminent destruction of the universe. It establishes MAAM as a major figure of Spanish literature, and earns her a place in a long line of poets and philosophers writing in the epic and lyric traditions originating in the ancient Mediterranean world.

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Your Death Full of Flowers

Your Death Full of Flowers by Slippery Elm A bouquet of poems arranged and translated by Slippery Elm.

The thread that ties this bouquet together is that of the story of Blodeuwedd from the Mabinogion. A woman composed of flowers, who sought to kill her husband, and was thereby transformed into an owl. Just as the wizard Gwydion gathered blossoms of broom, meadowsweet, and trefoil, the editor gathers the poems to conjure something greater, a something that then goes on to wing the poetry out into the world. All poems appear in English and Spanish, and one in Arabic. The two languages form a dialectic in which meaning is generated in the space between them.

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The Blue Spark by J.P. Kruse

The Blue Spark by J.P. Kruse The Blue Spark by J. P. Kruse is a hyper-actual philosophical essay on the effects of marketing and information technology, and a glimpse into the corrosions of reality as a result.

Tracing the process by which corporate interest uses technology to colonise our awareness, to brand and herd living dreams as quiescent cattle, to be fed as digital fast food to the online Ego, it attempts to decant, if only for just a moment, the reality of the Idea, and how to access this reality.

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Nazza by Slippery Elm

Nazza - Poetry Book by Slippery Elm Published in 2011 on the Summer Solstice, Nazza is Slippery Elm's first book of poetry. With a deep sense for rhythm and the musicality of words, Slippery builds upon the inspirited, extemporaneous poetry of oral traditions, delivering outpourings of desire, magic, and passion, that make the stars spin and flowers bloom.

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