Amarga's Weeping

El llanto de la Amarga or Amarga's Weeping is an epic poem in three acts, written by the late María de los Ángeles Argote Molina (MAAM).

Hailed by some critics as her magnum opus, Amarga's Weeping was written over the course of ten years and underwent a period of thorough polishing for an additional three. The epic revolves around a simple yet potently taboo premise: the imminent destruction of the universe.

Following the adventures of protagonists Agreste and Crisálida across the worlds, we encounter a spiritual ecosystem home to a rich dramatis personae of beings, such as El Silencio el Amarillo (The Yellow Silence), La Muerte (Death), La Tiniebla (The Deepest Darkness), or divine creator beings such as El Gran Mago Sideral (The Great Sidereal Mage) and La Soledad Primera (The First Solitude).

While containing echoes and parallels in other mystical and philosophical traditions and works, such as Neoplatonism, the Kabbalah, or Dante's Comedia, Amarga's Weeping offers a unique take on poetry, mythology, cosmology, cosmogony, and philosophy. This is a work of immense breadth and depth, executed with the epic flare of Homer, and the heart-flooding lyricism of Sappho. It earns MAAM her place in a long line of poets and philosophers that encompasses both the epic and lyrical registers found in the Soledades of her own direct blood ancestor--Don Luis de Góngora y Argote--and stretches back to the mantic sybils, rhapsodes, and high priestesses of the ancient Mediterranean world.

We are proud to collaborate with the Taller de Arte Vimaambi in being the first to bring this unpublished masterpiece to light. Currently, we are publishing the work in pamphlet format (two chapters per pamphlet), to be followed by a luxurious edition in three volumes. At present, the pamphlets are being published exclusively in the original Spanish, though translations into English by Slippery Elm are underway.

After purchasing, we will write to you immediately to confirm which pamphlet number in the series you would like to order. When the work is available in English, in this message we will also confirm whether or not you would like the pamphlets in English, Spanish or both.

21cm x 14.82cm. Page number varies. Average of about 25 pages per pamphlet.


Act 1: Destrucción inminente del universo (Imminent Destruction of the Universe)

Act 2: Viaje de los seres de luz hacia el caos, rescate del Ángel de las Transformaciones (Voyage of the Beings of Light toward Chaos, Rescue of the Angel of Transformations)

Act 3: Recomposición del universo, salto evolutivo de las Zonas Planetarias (Recomposition of the Universe, evolutionary leap in the Planetary Zones)

María de los Ángles Argote Molina (MAAM) was a poet from Jaén, Andalucía (1955-2013). Though a celebrated student and friend of major figures in Spanish literature such as Vicente Aleixandre, Rafael Alberti, or Antonio Carvajal, she published very little during her lifetime, preferring the oral incantatory register of the rhapsode as the ideal medium in which to propagate her poems. Co-founder of the Taller de Arte Vimaambi in Granada's historic Albayzín district, and member of the flamenco group Raíz y Duende, she left us with an extensive literary ouevre now carefully curated by her partner, children, and poetic accomplices.

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Amarga's Weeping

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