Nazza is Slippery Elm's first book of poetry. Originally intended to be just a few poems to accompany his jazz/hip-hop project Milky Ways & Other Slippery Galactic Phenomena, it quickly grew into the series that makes up this little black book. Written in a month and a half period while the poet was wholly taken by Venusian frenzy, Nazza is an exploration of first love, and an intentional harnessing of the energy of youth. Inspirations include book of paintings Milk n' Honey by Abdul Mati Klarwein, the Good Life Cafe emcees from LA, the Native Tongues hip-hop collective from NY, and modern feminist witchcraft, Paganism, and Goddess religion.

For the time being, Nazza will no longer be available for order through our website. Until further notice, the 30 copies left of the original run of 300 will only be available through chance encounter with the author.

Pocket paperback, published in 2011 on the Summer Solstice.

The Nazza Poems
Songs of Crocus
Milky Ways & Other Slippery Galactic Phenomena

Includes the lyrics to Milky Ways & Other Slippery Galactic Phenomena.

Nazza - Poetry Book by Slippery Elm
"Nazza is a collection filled with poems of sensuality and wildness cut with a sharp, urban edge. Primal, pagan, and ecstatic, they express a sense of place and the energy of youth. Here are poems to chant by firesides and read under cedars in the rain." Erynn Rowan Laurie, author of Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom
"Slippery Elm's Nazza poems rise up from a wild, more-than-human place. This verse is not just about nature, but rather from nature, informed inside the breathing complexity of life, in the tradition of great naturalist poetic sensibility from Basho to Whitman, Susan Griffin, and beyond. These poems arrive as wake up calls from that deep place where Earth and spirit are one." Rex Weyler, author of Greenpeace: The Inside Story