The Blue Spark

The Blue Spark by J. P. Kruse is a hyper-actual philosophical essay on the effects of marketing and information technology, and a glimpse into the corrosions of reality as a result.

Tracing the process by which corporate interest uses technology to colonise our awareness, to brand and herd living dreams as quiescent cattle, to be fed as digital fast food to the online Ego, it attempts to decant, if only for just a moment, the reality of the Idea, and how to access this reality.

This is a philosopher's engagement with the world of art, to sew in the street seeds of thought-provocative sophia.

The Blue Spark, Astrolabio edition

Pocket hardback, wrapped in indigo cloth, embossed in silver with a Moorish compass insigia. Bound and sewn by the hand of master book-binder and procession icon crafter Enrique Cabrera Heredia. Marbled endpapers, and three full colour illustrations by Javier Sánchez León. Impreso en España, por los propios artistas.


133 pages

Introduction, by Slippery Elm

The Marketing of Ideas
Attention and Distraction, Origin and Application: A Reversal
The Marketing of Ideas: Mechanical Replication versus Personal Participation
The Localization of Ideas and the Process of Understanding
Successive Portals; A Digression
The Market: The Portal of the American Age
The Reality of Ideas: Attention
The New Portal: Experience versus Content
Attention as a Currency: The Virtual Age

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The Blue Spark by J.P. Kruse

TÓTEM IV: Comares.Gaze.On.Fire. by Sidek7 (Javier Sánchez León)

An illustration from The Blue Spark inspired the Tower of Comares of the Alhambra, Granada, España.

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The Blue Spark by J.P. Kruse

The Blue Spark by J.P. Kruse